I need 2 web cams...


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I currently have about 3 or 4 of the USB cams but they simply suck. Their image quality is just bad...

My PC has a coponent, S-video and USB2 port available for a decent webcam and My laptop only has USB 1.0

I am going on travel in a few days for 3 weeks and i want two cams that i can setup quickly along with the HomeSeer WebCam plugin Software. I want to actually be able to see my fiance and have her see me and not just look like a black blob on the screen.

What cams can i buy from Best Buy or circuit city(i need them soon) That will give me a good quality picture in fairly low light. I would be willing to spend upto $70 on each cam.
Speaking of cameras, I just purchased THIS one from Martin.

Did I make a good choice (for my backyard, I liked the fact that it had an AutoIris so when the sun is at an angle towards the camera hopefully the video will not be washed out).
Thanks Ski!!

Rupp, I will do better than that, I will have a live feed during one of our Friday Night chat sessions! (I did this before when I got a new camera and it was a lot of fun).


I think we should have a live feed evening, where everyone is available on cam... :lol:
I hadn't seen that cam before, and I just placed an order with Martin this morning. That's a prety good price for a color CCD with IR illum.