I need even more computer help


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I finally have my new computer together and running. So far I have had some small problem, and some nework problems (thanks for the help figuring that one out!!!)

Now for a major problem. First some background details

This computer is an AMD 3800 duel core processer on an Asus motherboard with 2 gig of ram, running xp pro.

This computer is freezing up when I am using it. The only programs that I am trying to run is Mainlobby, and J.River Media Center 10.0.

When it locks up, and I use the task manager to exit the programs, it says that the programs have quit responding. Then When I force the programs to close, everything stops, and I have to power the computer down.

Could there be a problem with the duel core?? or with XP Pro??

This is the first computer that I have built, and I just don't know where to start.

Thanks for all the advice

Look at the "Event Viewer" to see if it contains any clues (Start, All Programs, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer).

If this option doesn't exist, make it viewable by right clicking on the bottom task bar, select properties, Start Menu tab, Customize Button, Advanced Tab, then scroll down to "System Administrative Tools", "Display on the All Programs Menu".
What are you doing when it locks up? Are you using MusicLobby when it happens? If so, are you using the beta version of the MusicLobby J Rivers plugin? You should be using the beta. The original would lock up if you have too many songs in the playlist. This can happen when your Media Center views allow all your songs to get into the Playing Now list. clear the Playing now and see if the temporarily fixes the issues. If you see you are getting over hundreds of songs in the Playing Now list, the non beta will lock up.