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Looks pretty comprehensive. What about personel training issues? Anytime you add a new system like this... training is involved.

Good luck
Some potential additions (not sure if some of these go too far):

1. communication - This will complement any system and will tie into items below
2. people - roles of humans in different setups, either actively or passively (monitoring, maintenance, etc). Links to the outside for the system and general communications.
3. physical security - items like making sure walls go to the ceiling versus drop ceilings that can be gotten around by going over the wall (which is more of a concern lately). Physical barriers (landscaped barriers), positioning of windows on first floor, automatic door close situations.
4. How does access control tie into a fire type condition (don't want to trap people in a burning building).
Any project, any implementation involves three areas:
  • Infrastructure
  • Processes
  • People
Your list is very comprehensive in the Infrastructure. Some of the post above expanded into People (Communications, Training). You will also need to create processes and policies: how will the system operate (user enrollment, infrastructure maintenance and repairs, information backup, manual processes, disaster recovery).

One last comment - make sure that you dont mix Access Control with Time & Attendance. They are two different processes and sometimes run on two different systems. Time & Attendance readers usually have a clock (so the user knows official registration time) and buttons to indicate if you are just entering, going out for break, returning or going home. You might program this logic in the Access Control system but you will need a hell of an algorithm to make it work - and the rules/exceptions will be too difficult to be maintained by regular users.

The leaders in Time & Attendance is Kronos. In Access Control the marked is more diversified.