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I have been attempting to contact the, I presume, fine folks at iAutomate to no avail. Zero response to either email or phone calls and dang it all, I want to buy! Anyone else have trouble with these folks?
Based solely on what I have read, my opinion of the individual in question as well as the company is that they are not to be trusted or dealt with.
As seen at www.iautomate.com...

"iAutomate is recognized as an innovator and industry leader in Security Home Automation, Networking and Electronic Building Systems. Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, we strive to earn the respect of our Customers and Employees, we subscribe to the belief that the Customer is always right, and we are considered to be a leader, and contributor in our Community. We insist upon providing our Customers with the absolute best Service in the industry, and believe that by combining Great Service with Quality components we will be set apart as the leader in Automation, Security, Audio and Control, earning you as a Customer for life."

Uh huh...

Any other options for RFID. I'm ready to start rolling with the Miracle for both myself and clients but these clowns evidently are dead set against sales. What am I to do?
I know jkmonroe does a handful of stuff with it, he's even tried modifying it to be directional in nature so he can use it as a door-reader type thing. He's randomly in the CQC chatroom, which is #cqc on the cocoontech server.
Thanks all!

I did my due diligence and read up on the CheaperRFID. I have already placed an order for about $300 worth of "goodies". iAutomate can kiss my...They missed out on an about $1500 order. Their loss is my gain.

Tuck, I'm going to use it for home/away status for the most part. For example, "He" comes home, the garage opens, if dark "his" lighting comes on and Zappa is playing through the home. If "she" comes home, adjust (Celine Dion?), announce and warn "him" (in case he's in trouble, story of my life). Pretty standard stuff.

I'm super excited about RFID and it's about time I started playing. First thing first, about half the order will go in my own home and I'll start tweaking.

Once again, and for good measure, iAutomate can kiss my...
The last post from Peter Monahan was 12/19/2006 and his last logon here was 1/21/2007 so he has not been around in quite a while. The last time this came up it was suspected he was out of business but then he suddenly popped back up and said he was 150% tied up on a special customer project. I would agree, even if he is on a top secret project again, if he or partners/employees do not have time to talk to customers, it does not matter how good their product might be, they will lose.
I feel like a jerk. I have been bouncing back and forth with Curtis at CheaperRFID via email today. What a freakin' stud! This guys wife is about to pop and he's attempting to get my gear out today! Had I simply went this route to begin with I wouldn't have lost any time attempting to deal with iProcrastinate, umm, er, I mean iAutomate...
Sorry, too busy to read about it myself, but not too busy to buy it. Does CheaperRFID have any SDK or code examples for interfacing to HA?

Sorry, too busy to read about it myself, but not too busy to buy it. Does CheaperRFID have any SDK or code examples for interfacing to HA?

The receiver simply "spits" out the transmitters id's every second or so. The interface wouldn't be that hard to develop. HomeSeer has a free plugin available and some pretty good information on antenna modifications for the receiver as well.