Icon dimmers


Has anyone tried the Icon dimmers from Smarthome?

I need to add some basic dimmers (no 2-way or scenes needed) in a few places and at 19.99 a piece they seem like a good choice assuming they're mid-to-high qualtiy switches.

I'd be happy if they were comparable in looks and build quality to a Switchlinc 2384 600 watt dimmer.


Edited to add that I'll be using them with x10, not Insteon
I have two installed and they are fine so far.

The problem I had before I switched to controlling them via Insteon is that they did not respond to commands in several locations when actual X10 modules did.

It also is looking like there is a point, when adding Insteon modules to an existing X10 installation, where X10 reliability goes down but Insteon goes up. :rolleyes:
I've also been happy with the switches themselves, although SH's handling of the product line has been a bit goofy. I use V2s when I need to control more wattage but Icons for under 300 watts or slave switches that have no load. They aren't quite as nice as the V2s in that they have no LED light bar running up the side (they have a single status LED only), and the feel is a bit different, but for the price they're hard to beat. They do not feel cheap, just different. I had one bad Icon switch that I still have to return when I get around to it, but that's not so bad.

The biggest problem with Icons is that SH has had different ratings on the actual switch vs. the product literature. THAT is my biggest complaint with the line, but I just assume the lowest rating when installing them. They also switched colors on the status LED in mid-stream, but that's livable I suppose.

Based on the SDM software they have released, the ratings labeling problem and the color change to the status LED, I think SH is a company of great ideas but with some challenges in execution. I'll stick with them assuming they sort this out, but I've been holding off on any more Insteon product line purchases until they get the SDM fixed.
Thanks for the feedback, I placed and order for several with Automated Outlet. The places I'm putting them are not critical and don't require more than simple X10 on and off commands so they should work fine.

I just didn't want to get something with a cheap feel.

As an aside, I encourage anyone who is adding x10 switches to bite the bullet and get quality switches from the beginning. I originally went cheap with the x10 ws467's - what a mistake.... Now I'm selling the on eBay for 50-60% of what I paid for them.

Just remember that the Icon and Insteon switches need a Neutral Power Wire in the box. The X10 ws467 didn't need a neutral wire.
Just a followup on the Icon switches.

I received them today and put one in. I like the fact that they'er not as big as the Switchlincs. To me the build quality isn't as good as the switchlincs but it's passable.

Overall, I think they're a good basic no-frills dimmer. I miss the leds and 2-way features of the 2380 but considering they're half the price and in an out of the way location in the house they're just fine.

thanks for all your feedback on these things...

if you are in x10 only mode, swithlincs or togglelincs with built in boosterlinc may help out your x10 signals better. Also, the Icons are 2-way.