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I just installed an ICON switch and the LED is yellow instead of green. What's up with that?


Just went to the SH web page and noticed the picture of the ICON switch shows the LED as being yellow while the ICON dimmer switches are still pictured with a green LED.


Just installed a red light pipe and got this nifty low-key orange color. Very cool.
That's new. I am pretty sure my ICON Relays (On/Off) LED's are green. I only have them in places where I really don't see them, but still pretty sure they are green.

So if SH changed them, how is it possible they can change the picture of the LED color on the ICON switch, and the picture on their website, yet can't remove the picture of the CD that doesn't come with the SH Manager/PLC?
Well Smarhome has changed things. Both my 2876DB Icon Dimmer and 2876SB Icon On/Off switches have a green led. Now on the Smarthome web site under the expanded specfications for each. The Dimmer still said 1 Green Status LED. The Relay now said 1 Amber Status LED. So now older and nerwer ones will not match if I add more to the mix. :D