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I came up with this idea while writing another post on I as well as many other people are really bad when it comes to designing graphics. So i was thinking that maybe you could add a section where people can upload graphics related to Home Automation for use with our custom web pages and other interfaces. This way if im looking for a picture of a trash can, mailbox, or a lightbulb i could come here and look at the images other people with the same intrest as me have been using.

Maybe you could have a way to request graphics so that the people who are better at making them can help us out.

What do you guys think?
great idea, I might setup an image thread in the downloads section or something, will think about this one.
I can imagine that this would get very big over time so you may want to set it up By the alphabet or by category or something. It needs to be well organized so that it doesnt take us 10 years to sift through all the images just to find one light bulb.

Wow! thats the first time anyone has ever said good idea to me ;)

Another idea might be to setup a section for usergroups organized by country and State.