If you could start from scratch-Lighting


Well I am in the final stages of my remodel and have come to the part where I need to decide what wall switches will be installed in my home. I was really interested in Z-wave but I feel that after a year in service they really havent been able to release a full product line. I think that this site is the best place for an objective opinion so I pose the question to all fellow cocooners. Thanks!
I voted UPB, but maybe you shouldn't count my vote. I don't have any of the above installed yet - but will be in the next 2-4 weeks. I selected UPB based on my research, but I do not have personal experience with it yet...
I keep expnading my Zwave usage. I'm up to about 15 devices, including several wall transmitters emulating 3-way switches

I've never had one problem.
Who says you can't use a little of all of them. I would start with Z-Wave and if there is a missing device that you need fill it with either an X10 or UPB or Insteon.
Rupp has a good point. You can use multiple protocols. I voted for Insteon, and am sticking my neck out as well.

I am NOT a fan of X10, but thats the majority of my system right now, as I started before most of the others were even in existnace. I do however like their motion sensors, and door/window sensors when coupled with the W800.
Rupp said:
Who says you can't use a little of all of them.
WAF my fi­an­cée would notice that the light switches were all different! In all honesty she has been pretty good about everything we are doing in the house(mics in every room, 3 in-wall touchscreens, cameras, and the ability to screw with her mind while she is home alone). ;) Its the little things that will send her over the top.

I do like the HAI UPB switches but they will not be out for another month or two. I havent done alot of research on Insteon so I'd like to know why you like it over say UPB. Thanks!
I messed up and voted for x-10 ;) but I am all Z-Wave. I have 20ish devices and I am awaiting new products. I have only slight issues but would highly recommend.

My vote is for Radio RA, it’s not cheap, but it’s rock solid reliable. Anyone else using it?

I've learned the hard way to "Sell what you have". The complement to this proverb is "Install what's available". With that in mind, I would install the Compose switches. They are the best unit with a proven track record.

Yes, UPB, Zwave, and Insteon have the potential to be better systems, but they are all too new to have a reliable record. If you are a DIY type and have the time to futz around and install a few switches at a time, then any of the three might have possibilities. If you want to get in, do the installation, then get out (and not go back for service calls), then you should not be an early adaptor. The electronics industry is too full of missed delivery dates, overblown marketing hype, and equipment with hidden "gotcha's".

If, instead of from an installers POV I looked at the question from a homeowner/DIY point of view, then I probably would go with UPB. So far, none of the Zwave switches "do it" for me, and Insteon has not been released yet.
The results are interesting.

8 out of 18 votes were for technologies that don't really exist yet (I voted for "other", since I'm switching to ZigBee). Does this indicate dissatisfaction with what is available?