I'm buying a widescreen TV

Guy Lavoie

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And I'd like to get any feedback from people with the model I'm considering: A Sony KDL-46S2000. This is a 46 inch LCD flat panel TV with built-in ATSC tuner and multiple inputs (composite, component, HDMI and S-Video). My understanding is that for the time being, component inputs are the best ones to use because HDMI is somewhat buggy. I have the opportunity to get this TV at a really great price because my daughter is working at the store selling these and she can get me one at the store's cost.

Any experiences, suggestions are welcome.
The software that sits behind the HDMI physical layer is not the best yet. . . there are also difficulties with distributing it around the house if you are looking at doing that. However, I would definitely NOT buy a TV without HDMI today- its likely to be required for some source device to put out full resolution at some point in the not too distant future.
I have not seen an LCD unit that big but I'm sure it looks great. I am going to move towards LCD in the future (currently plasma). Supposedly at some point Sony is going to use white LEDs as the light source in their big LCD TVs instead of the traditional fluorescent lamps which will allow really precise color adjustment and also make them use less power. I don't think the current generation has that yet but LCD is still a cool technology.

(Sorry my comments have nothing to do with your specific question.)
The nice thing about the Bravia (and XBR) TVs is that the contrast is noticeably better then most LCD TVs. Honestly, it looks about as nice as a Plasma screen...minus the burn-in/ageing problem. Up until now, I always found LCD screen to be too bright and somewhat washed out (less contrast).

Yes I've heard about an upcoming LED backlighting scheme that apparently allows a wider color range by dynamically "fine tuning" the backlight color as well as the pixels themselves. It can also help with getting better contrast.

Upstatemike, all general comments are more then welcome! Btw, Sony has now introduced 52 inch LCDs as well (at really high prices I might add). For me 46 inch is just a perfect size since it will be going into a living room, not a dedicated home theater.
Btw, I'm off on a business related trip from Sunday up to Thursday Sept 28th (Going to the US: Oklahoma city). So I probably won't have a chance to reply here but I look forward to reading everyone's comments and suggestions.
Hi Guy,

Golly, you'll be close to my neck of the woods (and ADI's). If you decide to drop in the Branson/Springfield area let me know I'll buy you a steak dinner :)

In fact if you visit here I'll even put you up - we have a spare bedroom. ;)

I looked at a lot of tv's and read a ton of stuff on the internet. I went throught this process at least three times and talked myself out of any large screen TV the first two. Finally, with the help of some young fellows at Circuit City I decided on a DLP.

I thought about a couple days and I went to Circuit City to buy a Samsung 50" DLP, but when I got to the store I was really attracted to a 50" Samsung Plasma hanging on the wall and ended up buying it for $2000. It was last years model (1080i), but from what I've read it doesn't have a severe burn in problem and has a lengthy projected life. It is fantastic - and the most exciting thing was discovering that the local PBS station is broadcasting 3 digital channels - two in HD - in addition to it's regular channel. So with my old OTA antenna I get some superb HD reception. I use component video for my dvd player and directv - I have not tried HDMI as I haven't upgraded my DTV to HD. Something to look forward to :D

The Sony LCD's I looked at where great, but I could notice the pixels and on the plasma I didn't see any. Back at normal viewing distance the pixels are likely not a problem.

In any case, I'm sure you'll be thrilled with the new TV, and I've always been happy with Sony in the past.

Well, just before I leave (in 15 minutes) I thought I'd check in...

John, I also did a lot of reading on the internet and will be reading some more. Yes, generally speaking, plasmas cost less then LCDs of similar size. 50" plasma monitors are in the same price range as what you mentioned when taking into account the $ exchange rate. I was also tempted. I'm concerned about the burn-in and ageing problem because my wife is the type that never turns things off (...hence the need for automation!). I'll be seated about 8 to 12 feet away from the screen...it will be in a corner. The pixels might show up a bit at the 8 foot seating location. I read the the optimal distance from a 46 inch screen is about 10.5 feet.

I don't intend to get HD programming right away, although I'll surely be giving CBC a try with an antenna. I mainly want to use the large screen for watching DVDs.

One reason for wanting a Sony is that they have good discrete code support. A big plus for automation.
Discrete codes - a BIG plus and something I have not had a lot of success at getting with my Samsung. I have a UR MX-3000 programmed for all my AV equipment, and if I ever find the time I would like to implement some discrete codes and macros to make life easier.

Have a great trip Guy.


Hi Guy-

Dunno if you are a sports person or not- the other thing to check with LCD is the response time- watch for blurring/tails with high speed action. It's another area that they have improved greatly (like plasma reducing burnin) but it is still a weakness of LCD.