Imaginative uses for DS10A sensors


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Well as many of you know, I just set up a Security System using a W800RF32, DS10A modules, and now the Siren.

These DS10A sensors are small wireless magnetic sensors that can be used for any number of things. Thats where I ask you to help me come up with different ways to use these things (I have no imagination!)

Off the wall is good, practical uses... well, okay :)

My first idea, based off of Gordon's, was to place the sensors on the toilet lids (they are that small... and white) to alert my fiance to put the seat back up (okay, reverse that). Any number of bathroom jokes can played... wav files, TTS, turning the lights On then off then On...

Just one silly idea.

So I ask you... what are you doing, or what can you think up for these switches?

I'm sorry I can't help you. All my DS10As are on the wall - stuck there with 3M interlocking fasteners.

OK, one of them is actually sitting on a windowsill. But if I admitted that, it would ruin this otherwise superb joke.
- I use one for the garage door status.
- I use another to tell if the furnace is running or not. I attach a peice of card stock to the top of my filter so that when the furnace is running the card stock is "sucked" up in the air. At the bottom of the card stock is the magnet. The other magnet and DS10A is attached to the filter itself. When the furnace turns on the card stock is lifted when it turns off it floats back down and closes the contacts. The differences in times the device is on and off is the runtime of the furnace.
- I use another for the for the drier finished indicator.
You could monitor the fridge and freezer doors. My daughter is infamous for getting drinks in the middle of the night and leaving the fridge door wide open.

Dresser Draws... This one is for my fiance. She loves to leave the sock draw open.

Washing Machine Lid... Sometimes my fiance forgets to put the lid down so the washer keeps doing its cycle but dont spin the close dry.

Phone... Now this one is a little out there but sometimes you cant here the phone buzzing from being off the hook. Putting one of these in the phone base and the magnet in the handset somewhere could warn you when its off the hook.
Here's a list I posted (off topic) at the HS forum once:
  • - The doors on the entertainment center... know when someone (children, guests) has opened the doors and potentially could mess up your settings.
    - The door to your automation closet, same reason as above
    - Mount sensors somehow to touchscreen cradles, so you'll know when one is on it cradle.charge or not
    - monitor when other things are on their charger/cradle
    - put them on your toolboxes, so you'll know who's using your tools, maybe combine with a webcam that snaps a picture of the tool and the taker!
    - On a toilet seat to announce that the seat is up!
    - on a mailbox, to let you know it's been opened, you could extend the leads from the transmitter to the sensor to make sure you have range, and the put the transmitter in a weatherproof location.
    - On the liqueur cabinet (same technique as toolbox)
    - On the fridge (anyone ever see one of those refrigerator pigs).
    - On the freezer. Ever accidentaly leave the door open?
    - Gun cabinet/safe
    - Any other place you don't want the kids opening
    - Attic and/or crawlspace entrances
This is a semi temporary setup because we just bought a new washer and dryer last month. I want to tap into the beeper but I'm afraid to while they are under warranty.

I bought one of the magnetic sets for an alarm system from radio shack and cut off the magnet set that came with the DS10A. I have the magnet tapped to the dial (rotates) and the receiver part tapped to the console (stable part). When the dial rotates to the off position it sends a signal. It took a bit of adjusting the receiving part closer and further away because at first it was sending the signal too early. As it is now it trips about 3-5 minutes before the cycle is done. Works good, looks ugly.
If you need to pic up some more sensors, here's a pretty good price ...
DS10A Sale at 3 for $21.99

This was posted at HS back in June, and suprising enough, they are still running the deal.

Edit: Please note that these sensors can only be used with the W800Rf32 receiver or one of the x10 all-in-one security panels. You cannot receive the signals using any other computer interface (at the time of this post... that I am aware of)
I just did the Rupp "ugly" upgrade on my washer, added some code, and now have one less DS10A in my stash! :D

I'll have to add some code now so that it sends my cell phone a text message to switch the clothes if I'm out mowing the lawn. ;)
you can hear/feel your cell phone when mowing? How do you mow your lawn, using scissors? ;)
How about monitoring your dishwasher with a DS10A?

Some pictures on how I did this are below. I was going to do a How-To on it, but I thought not enough people would be interested.

Basically I just mounted the round magnet (from a leftover window sensor) inside the handle (used the same mounting screw that holds the handle), then placed a sensor near where the handle closes.

We only close the handle when we want to start the dishwasher, so when the handle is in the open position, the dishes are dirty. To remind others Homeseer announces "Turn Dishwasher On" whenever the handle is moved to the closed position as well.

Now I need Mario to make a cool flash graphic of a clean and dirty dishwasher ;)

Here are the magnet and sensor used (window and door sensors left over from when I installed my security system):

(Click on Picture for Full Sized Image)

The round magnet was mounted inside the handle's round end using its original mounting screw (I had to round out the handle opening a little):

(Click on Picture for Full Sized Image)

I then mounted the sensor near the handle's closed position. The wires were routed through the back top plastic cover which bent pretty easy to allow the wires to slide between it and the door's frame:

(Click on Picture for Full Sized Image)

I then used "sticky" mounts along the door's side for the wiring. If I had to do it over I would have used THESE clips:

(Click on Picture for Full Sized Image)

I then mounted the DS10A underneath the sink cabinet out of view and just above the floor:

(Click on Picture for Full Sized Image)

The way I mounted the side clips allowed the wire to "give" slightly so the door could open and close. Make sure you use stranded and not solid wire so it will not fatigue after multiple opening and closing of the door:

(Click on Picture for Full Sized Image)