Implementing the Parallax RFID hardware

I just got a setup too. For door entrance purposes the 4 inches should be fine. I have one of these for my work access and everyone gets used to the hip swivel to get into the building. I am hoping my work RFID tag can be identified by the Parallax reader so I can use one for work and home.
I'm actually making a hardware interface that will communicate via rs232 to the computer. I'm writing some windows software to verify each key and take action acordingly. My hardware interface also has LED's, Speaker, and an LCD to display information at the scanner.

So when a user places a card at the reader it goes to the computer verifies access, then the computer sends back the OK to unlock and also information about the user to the LCD. so when Steve Ries scans in, the LCD can display "Welcome Home Steve" or "Access Granted Shawn"

It just adds that cool touch to the reader.
The reader will be enclosed in a small plastic box outside the building, and the "guts" can be stored anywhere convenient.

I already have the PCB board designed with the software from (I love that place!)

If anyone is interested in it I can send you the file I created.
I have a full time job so its a slow moving project but so Far I have the reader talking with the computer and my software I wrote in VB 6.0 is validating keys and displaying the users name whom the key belongs on the screen.

I plan on doing a full article with pictures and all, and submitting to Nuts and Volts, or MAKE when I'm done.

Let me know if anyone is interested..

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funman1 said:
I already have the PCB board designed with the software from (I love that place!)
I used that place as well (our member smee turned me on to them). Used them for my X-10 Car Monitor Project.

Sounds like you and smee should exchange some notes/dialog!

Keep us posted on the progress of your project and welcome to Cocoontech.
Wow that was fast response..
Thanks for welcoming me, I just found this place a few hours ago.

Here is a schematic board layout of my current device.
It's preliminary and once it goes to full production I will get rid of the second RS232 port for programing.

It's all cluttered with both top and bottom board sides showing and the silkscreen.

Link to the full size pic

I'm also thinking about getting rid of the RS232 port on it and just using RJ11 because everyone has long phone cords but few people have long serial cables.

My design is aimed at the home user so if I ever sell it it will only cost $250-$300 for the full setup, something like that..

I had to start a candy company to support my electronics habit, Bovine Communications
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Do you guys think there could be a market for something like this for people to use in their homes? I don't know what a "real" security company charges but I bet it's a lot more than that??