Important Product Information Re ApplianceLinc V2


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Important Product Information Regarding ApplianceLinc V2

SmartLabs Design is announcing a voluntary recall and replacement program
on the ApplianceLinc V2 and ICON Appliance On/Off Module (product numbers
2456S3, 2856S3B, 2856S3).

Customers affected by this program are eligible to receive a replacement
product (ApplianceLinc V2 or ICON Appliance On/Off Module) at no cost.

SmartLabs Design has identified a potential defect in the product, which
may cause the product to overheat. If this occurs a small portion of the
plastic case may melt. There has been no report of injury or damage.

The defect is characterized by the controlled load remaining in the "ON"
position and not turning to the "OFF" position. Reports of this occurrence
have been where the controlled device is one that creates an instant on
load such as some fluorescent lights and small fans.

If you are in possession of product displaying this defect or would like a
replacement product, please discontinue use and visit the link below for
instructions on obtaining a replacement. SmartLabs Design is committed to
providing only the highest quality products to our customers. We regret
any inconvenience this matter may cause and appreciate your continued

Please visit for
instructions on obtaining a replacement.

SmartLabs Design
Kudos to SH for doing this the right way... they are offering prepaid shipping or cross-shipping with prepaid return shipping so you truly have no outage or shipping costs.
Thanks Mike,

Most people figured I was snorting something when I talked about my V2 ApplianceLinc failures.

Glad SH did the right thing on this. I appreciate it.

I didn't as I also had the same problems. I was told by their Technical Support folks. I was one of the first to find it and report it.
Thanks SmartLabs Mike for the feedback and support.
I just submitted the form. I've got a couple of X10 modules that can fill in until I get a new module. :unsure: