In-wll / In-ceiling speakers


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I want to add whole house audio into our home using in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. I know using these types of speakers you will never get the sound you would even out of a decent pair of floor type speakers. Usually the are missing bass and mid-range.
Can anyone suggest a decent pair of speakers for under $200 a pair?
Yes, these are well below $200 a pair - $125 for the 8" rounds per pair!

We also have the 6 1/2" ceiling speakers - I'll add them on the site.

Those 8" round speakers are nice. I use those in my own office. They are better than the ones at Fry's for $250 a pair. I'm just a Master Distributor for Channel Vision and get them at a good price. They are the Channel Vision Aria Speakers and can handle 150 Watts and have gold terminals.

Check out Martin's site. I don't use them myself, but he says they are very good for the price.

Good for the price - good at any price. I think I would probably sell more of these if I doubled my price. We just don't mark stuff up much and there is frequently a big mark-up of audio stuff!

If you don't like them, I'll let you send them back
How much are the 6 1/2's? DO you think these would work nice for the two rear speakers of a surround sound system?

You'll make audiophiles cringe if you talk about using surround speakers that are not voice/timbre matched with your other speakers.

Mine aren't and I seem to manage ok. ;)
Of course it depends on to what level you want to bring your HT setup. I prefer "boxed" speakers as they are designed to work as a system (driver / crossover / enclosure / porting / face design / cloth etc.) and usually will get better sonic quality per dollar. In walls are nice when sound quality isn't a larger issue (like for ambience music or TTS announcements) and visual hiding and space considerations are more important. For me, the HT is about video, sound, and ease of control. With emphasis on the first two. To whatever degree the budget allows.
I know what you mean smee. But im still in search for 6.1 surround sound speakers and my setup does not have walls on all side so mounting wall brackets for the rears is not possible. I dont want to use floor speakers because the kids play area is in the same room ;) So that leaves me with in ceiling speakers. Just want sure if ther would work or if they would ruin the sound quality so bad that i would rather not even hear them. Do they aound as good as you modern day factory car speaker? If so then i will buy them if the price is right. 6 1/2 sound like a good size. one on each side of my projector.
I'm of the opinion that, to a certain extent, anything is better than nothing.

Your lack of walls on all sides may be more of a problem. I have my system in the living room/dining room/kitchen of my apartment - everything run together in one big room with an island separating the kitchen. To top it off, it has a sloped cathedral ceiling. It's next to impossible to balance the speakers to get clean, equal volumes on left and right. The right front speaker is in a corner and the left isn't. I actually notice this more with music than with movies. The rear speakers (which are on stands) have the same problem.

I have set everything up using test tones and an audio meter. But, the settings that work best for that do not sound the best with an actual audio track.

I'm the only one that plays in my living room, so that's not a problem. But I do have to be careful when I leave my LEGO stuff all over the floor. :)
Martin, Do you cell the ceiling enclosures for the 6 1/2's? Do they need the enclosures. I used to work at a store that sold ceiling speakers and people would always buy and enclosure which mounted in the ceiling first and then the speaker was attached to the enclosuer. Basically it was just an aluminum pan that kept the speakers from being eposed to the fiberglass and dust thats in the ceilings
No I don't. The speakers don't require them and I think probably sound better without them. Most installation don't have insullation in the ceiling unless it's an outside wall/ceiling. If you do, I guess there's no reason you couldn't use the type you are talking about.
If they dont require them than i wont use them. I figured it would make the sound quality worse since your would probably here the sound of rattling aluminum
fiberglass is a very common DIY baffling material used in box speakers. No problem with it being in near proximity to the driver. Shouldn't touch the cone, but anywhere else is fine. The aluminum probably is used more for creating a controlled "box" for the air damping of the cone than for insulating the driver from the insulation. Aluminum isn't the best of choices in my opinion (rattles / tinny). This material choice is probably more to keep the fire marshals happy (code inspectors).
Bingo on all the points DavidL made. Other than in insulated ceilings, I wouldn't waste my time on baffle boxes.

However, do get the pre-install brackets if available, especially if you are using commercial sheet-rockers. The added expense is made up for the better looking, easier install.