inexpensive ip camera


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Hello all,

I've been 'brewsing' your group for ip camera's. :)

I was looking for an inexpensive ip camera...

I'm just getting my feet wet (I set up a very simple website at home using a Netgear Firewall router and DDNS with

Eventually, I'ld like to be able to record the video to DVR, perhaps using the $100 AverDVR NV5000, which someone else mentioned.

What do you all think of TRENDnet's $125 TV-IP200W Wireless Internet Camera'.

It has:
- Built-in web server; does not require additional computer and software (activeX control and java)
- Two input connections for sensors/switches (I assume they mean motion sensors?)
- Supports both ActiveX control for Internet Explorer and Java
applet for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator
- 5vdc input power
- comes with an RJ45 connector as well as wireless
- 2.5 lux
- 640 x 240 color, 30fps@qcif (what's this) or 3fps@vga

Check out trendwares site. I think that camera might be on the discontinued list. They do show you what replaces it. so at least you wont be buying an older model. I've also been looking at the 201 or the 201w.
Thanks, I went to their site, and I didn't see the TV-IP200, but the TV-IP200W was still there. Perhaps they phased out the TV-IP200. Their site says their dealers don't have the 201w yet... but Trendnet has them for $225.

Looks like the difference between the $125-$200 TV-IP200W and the $225 TV-IP201W
is that the former has 'has VGA quality video" while the latter has: "M-JPEG quality streaming video".

Is this a big issue?

How does any camera send 'VGA' over the ethernet?

Toby has the tv-ip201w in stock and a for a lot less
I just placed an order. we'll see how this camera works soon enough.
I've used a couple of the low end Panasonic cams, specifically the BL-C10A.

More info here.

It's got PT, no Z, built in web server, sends images and emails on motion detection, etc.

They've been pretty good at releasing new firmware here, including a recent digital zoom feature. Yes, I know that can't beat an optical zoom, but it sure is inexpensive..