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Hi All!

I am a amateur software deloveper. I do this in my spare time, for fun.

I have written some Win32 Insteon control Freeware.

Below is a link to this:

My motivation for doing this is:

#1 I could never buy HA software that did everything I wanted it to do.

#2 Professional INSTEON software is being developed now. I am hoping that some of the features that I have 'invented' will be incorporated into the 'good stuff'.

My compiled software is Public domain.

Have a look if you are curious.

Ken Miller
17 Mar 06

I just posted a newer version of this with extra features.
Check the 'readme.txt' file on the download web link for details.


DavidL said:
Ken, what is it that you want in a HA software that isn't out there now?
Well, he's making his FREEware, for example. Or did I miss something that is already out there (with Insteon support)?
Ken, what is it that you want in a HA software that isn't out there now?
I'm a electronics tech by trade and love to tweak. Take a look at the currently available software for something like the 'SmartMacros' or 'pLinks' or 'Timers Update' or 'Advance Links' gadgets that I have. Given, these are not for everyone. Also check out the monitor functions I have implemented for powerline activity. I have written this for me, and have decided to share it with all. That is it.

it's Windows / Active X... Can you port it to Java and make it web-enabled?
Not right now. I wrote it with Borland C++ Builder V6, which limits it to Win32 stuff for the time being.

For those interested,

Check out the download link for some updated software.

See 'readme.txt'

Happy HA!


Hi All,

I have just posted an updated version of 'InHomeFre' at the link above.

The new update enables software linking. It also enables the use of PC controlled scenes by setting up your PLC as the master device in a link.

A 'readme.txt' file is included with more details.

Happy HA!

Ken Miller