Inovonics alarm out to Elk 120 HELP!


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I have a motion detection system that uses Optex HX80RAMI transmitters going to an Inovonics EN4216MR receiver. I want to hook up my Elk 120 to operate the warning messages and siren. The transmitters (HX80RAMI) are working fine and the signal is being received by the receiver (EN4216MR). My problem is how to hook up the Elk 120. I have the 12 V transformer plugged in and the unit is on but when we hook the "alarm out" to the Elk 120 no alarm sounds when movement is detected.
Elk product support is no help. They only talk to installers, not end users. HOWEVER, they do sell to companies that sell to the public. Any suggestions???


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I have no experience with the Inovonics EN4216MR other than reading the instruction manual.  It appears that it has dry contact relay outputs, with terminals labeled COM, NO, and NC.  You mention "alarm out."  Does yours have a terminal labeled that way?  Or are you talking about one of the relay contacts?
The Elk 120 requires a trigger that supplies a voltage rather than a dry contact closure.  Do you have things wired up so that the EN4216MR is supplying a voltage through the relay contacts? 
A wiring diagram of how you have things connected would be helpful. Since you are a new member, you won't be able to embed one in your post, but you could put it on a public server like and provide a link in your post.