Installation of ELK TS-07 Touchscreen


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This weekend I installed an ELK TS-07 Touchscreen in my house. I though you might like to see how things went. Excuse some of the blurry pictures, but I was going fast.

First thing was to take down the ELK M1KP keypad. I planned on moving that keypad to the other side of the wall.


The included template made it easy to mark off the wall opening and locate where to [drill in the four corners to prepare to saw out the hole.


The next task was to cut the hole in the sheetrock wall.


As I was cutting out the hole I realized that there was a wooden stud behind the opening that I was cutting, but that is were the touchscreen was going so I proceeded.


I had to cut the stud about 3/4 of an inch.


Then I used a chisel to take out the piece of wood.


As my luck was going the power cord hit squarely into the stud so I had to notch out an additional 5/8 inch slot for the power cord.


I had planned to use power over ethernet and buy a POE injector from Radio Shack. Well Radio Shack was out of the POE injectors so I said heck with it, I will make my own connector. It used pins 1,2,3,6 on the ethernet plug for ethernet data and the other two pair I brough out for power to the Touchscreen. I cut the power supply wire and soldered the end to the two extra pairs. One pair - +12VDC, the other pair - negative. I used the two conductors to reduce voltage drop along the CAT5 wire.


Here are some pictures of the ELK TS-07 not mounted.
Front View:

Back View:

Side View:

Back Label:

Plastic Bezel Removed:

After mounting in the wall with two flippers that fold out to grap the sheetrock from behind as you tighten the screws, I removed the plastic protective sheet from the LCD display.

I was testing some new Touchscreen software that has IP camera and image capture capability. My wife wanted to keep the Weather Channel Weather Maps showing most of the time, so I programmed the weather maps to show.


The stud in the wall and not being able to get a Power Over Ethernet injector turned a two hour job into a 4 hour job, but everything worked out great.

My wife loves it!!!