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Hi guys,

I have been searching the web for answers and must admit this is the place to be. I have learned more in 20 minutes reading then trying to extract information from the so called experts. If they can´t charge you for the installation and system they are suddenly mute and not available.

I have two NX-8 home security systems with the NX-148 LCD panel, at this stage without sensors etc. My goal is to have everything wireless up to 16 zones. But me is a newbie at this. So I am still trying to find out what I need. Suggestions are always welcome.

I am looking for the installationguide/ manual for the NX-8. I have the usermanual but that is a shortlist for how to operate it. I have been searching the web for two days now, maybe I am looking at the wrong places.

Can anyone help me to get the installationguide. I strongly believe this will give me more insight in the system.

At this moment the system says it needs service check up. I cant reset it. Is there a way of resetting the NX-8 to defaults.

thx for the help.
I know how to set the NX8e to defaults. Not sure if it's the same as the NX8. Before I send you a PM (don't want the world to know the default master password for the Caddx system) can you confirm:

1. That you indeed have the NX8 and not the NX8e

2. Is this a first time install? In other words has any prior programming been performed on the system (i.e. someone changed default passwords)?

As far as a manual, I have never seen one, though there is an overall CD which I obtained at a seminar once (listed basic functions). Perhaps contact GE/Caddx and ask for that CD.

What are you trying to do with the system that is giving you problems?

As far as the need service message. Do you have the battery in place? Is it charged? Do you have any other interface boards on the Caddx bus? Any sensors that are powered off of the system 12 volts? How many keypads?

Maybe try to get the system to its basics (board plus one keypad, all other sensors removed that require power).

Also, welcome to CocoonTech!
thanks for the replies.

I have the Networx NX-8 system. It is not a first install. The systems that I have were installed in a school. So I have 2 NX-8 and 2 NX-148, 2 batteries, a 16 zone expand module (wired) and a ISDN Telco module.

My wish is to install 1 NX-8 with 1 NX-148 LCD panel and make it wireless with a NX-408-I receiver for an extra 16 wireless zones. I would like to use NX-455-I magnets (build in windows), several NX-491-I Optical & Thermal smoke detectors, and several NX-480-I Fresnel Infrared detector, a sirene (outdoor and indoor).

I have set up 1 system with 1 LCD panel and connected all the zones with relais. So the system is working properly and I can arm/ disarm the system without problems. But my LCD panel is telling me it needs service. It says type *2, when I do this it says Zone 8 sabo. But when I acces the menu and check all the zones it says`all zones okay´. When I go into the menu and tell it to reset it all. It won´t reset the zone 8 sabo.

I hope that I have explained it properly, English is not my native tonque, sorry.

When I reset it to default (with your help) does that mean all codes are gone as well. I have 2 codes, 1 user to arm and disarm it and 1 main code to change settings etc.

Besides those 2 I have a install sheet with the default codes and what the are changed in/ to.

thanks for your help.

p.s. for the other system, the one I will not be using at this stage, there are no codes known. Is it possible to read out the codes in the menu, or perhaps by using my laptop and the RS232 connection?. It feels like a waste, having a nice system laying there and not be able to install it due to no codes.
Could you please send me the manual, I think the E doesn´t make that much of a difference. Uhm what is the difference between the NX-8 and NX-8E? I acyually don´t know.

But the more I read the more I learn. Thank you fot the manual and your help
Spider's web:

I sent you a PM for the default installer's code again, for the NX8e (as I don't have an NX8). I think the only thing different between the two is the NX8e has an on-board serial port, but there may be other differences I am not aware of. Hopefully the following instructions will work for your NX8.

So to get the NX8e back to factory default settings perform the following steps:

1. Enter *8 on the LCD keypad (go into programming mode)

2. Enter the installer numeric code that I PM'ed you (default master code)

3. Enter 0# (Selects the NX8e board to program)

4. Enter 910# (Select load defaults)

This will reset everything back to the factory defaults including all zones, partitions, and user passwords.

The default user password (I think) is 1234 for arming and disarming the system.

As far as being able to get into the system if you don't know the master installer code, I don't know of any way. You may want to call GE technical support.

Hope this helps you out.


Thank you for the help so far. I´ll try the mo mentioned and report back with the results. I really appreciate all the effort and help.

I will first try it out on the system of which I have no codes, don´t matter what damage it may do, at the moment it´s useless. If that works I´ll try it out on the system I do want to use.

Then the system is completely reset and I don´t have to worry about all the partitions I encountered when browsing the menu. If that is done I have faith of me installing the system on my own.

btw It seems that all the parts (PIR, Magnets and modules) in the USA are a lot cheaper compared to Europe (Netherlands). It also seems all the parts can be ordered via Internet and webshops. So far I´ve found one webshop in The Netherlands that can deliver some parts but the prices dissapoints me. I have the feeling that I can get it cheaper via official installer companies.

Do you know a specialised Home Security webshop (USA) that can ship abroad, is trust worthy and has reasonable pricing?

Thanks again.
My favorite vendor is Martin Custer of Automated Outlet.

Call his store and ask Martin or Jason if they will ship to your location.

As far as the default security code I sent you, remember if someone changed that in the past it will not work.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Well I have tried it to the system that I didn´t want to use and it failed. Then i thought what the hack I´ll try on the system I do want to use and quess what. The system reset itself. All is back to default and the only service message I got was that the clock lost it settings. So I have set the clock again and all works well.

That is a plus for me because now i can program it without worries about the partitions and all other settings that i didn´t want. Just start from scratch and follow the instructions. It is not a garanty but a better start then one without defaults.

For the system I didn´t want to use I don´t know at this stage.

When I power it up it beeps (LCD panel) I enter program mode and then your code doesn´t work. So i dont get in. But that´s probable because they changed the codes as mentioned in your last post. I was under the impression that your code overruled everything else but i guessed wrong. Perhaps I have to try again.

So far I am very pleased that your advice worked out on my main system. I obtained username and password for the GE website and have acces to all manuals and instructions.

Now I have to fined out how to hook up my wireless module the NX-448-I and install all the detectors. Then teach the detectors to communicate with the module and change basel settings on the board. Run tests etc and lean back with beer and enjoy the silence (system isn´t armed when at home :D)

If I have read correct I just hook on the module the same as I hooked on the LCD panel. Then the module has power and is open for programming via LCD panel.

Not sure about this but we´ll see how it goes. First have to obtain my module and detectors. Thanks for the tip about the webshop. Have to take into account the time difference, don´t want to call them out of bed.

Thanks again BraveSirRobbin
Yes, we do ship to the Netherlands. We can ship it either UPS or Airmail.

If you can't get your board working, we can also send you an 8E board only if you want to just replace the main board and upgrade at the same time.
Thanks for the reply.

I have reset the board so I guess I will be able to install the items and have a proper working system. Unless you think differently of course.

Whats the difference between a NX-455-I and a NX-450.

Most items i selected have the I at the end, The webshop doesn´t seem to have those. The product seems to be the same but the article nr. seem to differ. How come?
Not sure about the "I". Perhaps that's for International. I hope it's not a different frequency. The US based stuff works on 319.5 MHz. I think that the Euro stuff might work on 433 MHz.

The 454/455 is a micro (small) door/window sensor.

The Nx-450 is a larger door/window sensor.
Glad that worked out for you. I don't have any wireless sensors/units here so I'm afraid I can't offer you any advice on that subject.

I'm glad you had contact with Martin also as he offers excellent service and support as well!
Yes the Euro stuff works with the 433 Mhz and the 868 Mhz frequency for greater range indoors.

Man I am tired its close to midnight here, just got back from a meeting. Tomorrow another one till 23.00 hours. I am signing off for 2night.

hello, I was reading about resetting factory defaults for NX8e. This security system was installed when I bought may house and was never given the master code. As a result I am stuck with the previuos user code and am unable to change it. I read spiders web's success on resetting his and am asking for help to get the default installers code so I can reset my system. Any help would be greatfully appreciated.