Installer tools - Wire pulling and fishing.


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Okay I'll put up a less expensive (and therefore extensive!) kit. However I know I spent some time putting this one togther to get maximum bang:buck. So the next will be cheaper but won't have as much value.


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I'm not sure, but it seems like many may already have the drill bits. Here's what I'm really in need of:

2- 36" Threaded Male/Female Connector Fiberglass Push/Pull Rods.
1- 36" Luminous Bull Nose Threaded Female Connector Fiberglass Rod (gives three to nine feet of fiberglass Fish Rod for fishing walls, false ceilings, between floors, etc.)
1- Blind in wall retrieval and wire running kit, 10 feet of chain and 24" magnet retriever.
1- 12 foot grabber, must have for window and door switches in attics. Includes targeting LED light on tip, pull wire from 12' away through ~6" access hole.

If you could assemble a more affordable kit (to us poor folks), I sure would appreciate it. (Even tho the prev. deal was a steal!) Thanks friend