Installing a 220V relay to shut off my water pump when the WaterCop system closes the valve.


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I installed a WaterCop system after my basement flooded a few times and the system works great with one exception.
When the WaterCop system closes the valve to the main waterline I no longer have flooding but my booster pump
that is in the line only sees that the water pressure is low and kicks on and runs non-stop until I find it and physically
shut it off.    The WaterCop has a Cat5 style plug that has a 5V output that they say can be used to power a relay
that can shut off the power to the pump but they do not offer the relay or any real information to be able to create one.
As I look at relays that fit the specs that I need they only have 4 leads,  2 that are connected to the input to control the
relay and 2 that are the Output that cuts the power.    As I look to wire the 220V system, I have two leads, L1 and L2 and a
ground.   It seems that I need to break both leads with the relay to be safe.   Do I need to put two relays into the system, 
one for each lead to make it simple?    I can't seem to find a simple solid state relay that has 4 outputs that could easily
be used in this system.   Any help would be appreciated.   I saw a forum here that talked about breaking only one of the
two leads, but that did not answer my question enough to allow me to go forward.
DocDan said:
Do I need to put two relays into the system, 

one for each lead to make it simple?
No, the pump will not run if you break the connection to either L1 or L2.  This is the simplest approach.  If you find a relay that is double pole, single throw, you can switch both legs, but I would not put in two relays.
Caution:  I'm still on my morning cup of coffee, so someone else verify this schematic, but something like RAL posted above should work.  The control circuit only requires 0.4 mA of current at 5 volts, so the WaterCop should be able to easily trigger this relay.
Am I missing anything here? 
I don't know if the WaterCop puts out that 5 volt control signal on the presence of a leak, or when it's in a 'normal' state, so the N/C and N/O might need to be switched around based on that.
BSR - yes, that's pretty much what I had in mind.  I checked the WaterCop instructions and it has two 5V outputs to indicate both that the valve is open and that it is closed.  The specs show that it can drive 0.5A, so that's more than enough to drive the relay input.
My initial thought would be to use the NC contacts of the relay to power the pump, and use the WaterCop "closed" output to energize the relay to turn off the pump. 
On the other hand, if you use the "open" output of the WaterCop to keep the relay energized during normal circumstances and the NO contacts of the relay to power the pump, that would give you a better indication if there ever is a relay failure. 
Or you can add a Z-Wave relay to the pump socket. Then It's easy to have it turn off the pump when the valve is closed. Also it can report it's state to you via text, email, push notify, etc. I use this set up for my valve and pump. And I can wirte rules to shut off on scheds or alarm panel states.