Installing in "stages"


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This weekend I’m working hard on running the wires for my alarm system. Most of the contacts will be hard wired but a few of the doors and windows with be wireless. I’m installing a Concord 4. Some of the wires will take longer to run and I will not be able to complete the project this weekend. My question is this… If I get the system up and running this weekend with what I have “so far”, can you foresee any problems I might run into when I go to add items later? I’d hate to run into a situation where I have to reprogram the entire thing because I did things in an odd order or something like that.

Any tips you could give would be most appreciated. Thanks!
I think just about everybody here installs in stages (since we never really finish). I would plan everything out on paper and then program the zones as you go or program tehm all and disable the ones you are not ready for.

I know with the ELK it is very easy to do this. I am not familiar with GE programming.
I have a Networx (formerly Caddx) and did mine in stages. As I add zones, I need to program them, but it hasn't affected anything I've programmed in the past.
Any tips you could give would be most appreciated.
Why the Concord4?

I know this isn't a "programming" type answer, but you may want to browse the Security Install How-To and make sure all your wiring is correct before drywall. Also insure you install nail plates in locations where the wiring may be knicked by nails/screws during drywall installation.

As far as programming, I agree with posts so far, you really can't do anything that is not reversible that I can see.
Thanks for all the Tips.

I chose the Concord 4 for a few reasons. Mainly because when I got a quote from a local alarm company, I was introduced to the GE wireless gateway with monitoring from I wanted to track the coming and going of individual family members as well as control when lights turn on and off in coordination with different alarm functions. It can also support a combination of Hardwire and Wireless. I’ve learned a lot through this whole process that there a few systems that might have worked a little better, but I believe this systems should work fine. I’ll be sure to post any Pros and Cons about it that I come across.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on alarm systems, but I have installed a couple of them. I decided to install it myself and ordered everything I needed from at a fraction of price I was quoted by a couple of local companies. So far I have been very pleased with Safemart.

I found the install how-to sections helpful. My fiberglass glow-stix came in handy for running wires. I’m glad I had several 5 ft. sections. The house was finished when we bought it, but the laundry room and under the stairs was not, so that helped a little. I did not have as much time as I had hoped this weekend (about half a day), but I was able to install the panel, a keypad, 2 doors, 1 smoke, 1 CO2, 2 motion and 2 sirens. Next weekend I hope to get some more done.

Thanks again for everyone’s help.