Installing three SS30 Sirens on the Elk M1


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Could someone advise me on the best and proper way to install three Elk SS30 Sirens (30W, 1.1A) on an existing M1. There is currently three SP12F 12 watt speakers connected to OUT 1 that need to remain connected. Thanks
Connect the SS30s to a separate aux power supply.  The M1's Out2 can only drive a load of 1 amp, which would be adequate for just one of them.  
Set Out2 to voltage mode, and use it to power the coil of a relay, and use the relay's contacts to turn the SS30s on and off.
Thanks for your replies. Forgive my ignorance, but is there a diagram that shows this, or an ELK part number for the proper relay?
powercool said:
Thanks for your replies. Forgive my ignorance, but is there a diagram that shows this, or an ELK part number for the proper relay?
For a relay, use an Elk 912 or similar.
For the aux power supply, you'll want something with at least a 4 amp output rating and a battery backup.  Something like the Elk P412 or an Altronix AL400ULX or AL400ULPD4 or PD8 would do nicely.
Here's a diagram.
Great answer RAL, thanks. Should I wire the 3) sirens in series or parallel?
Do you think the ELK SS30's will be louder (better) than piezo sirens?
They will need to be wired in parallel to ensure that all (3) of them get 12V.
If you wire them in series, you'll end up dividing the voltage across them.
DB's are DB's. Can't change that. Apparent volume based off of the frequency is a different discussion.
I actually want to mount them in the ceiling, each behind a metal grill. One siren on each level of the home. Trying to produce the maximum amount of noise to upset any intruder.
You may want to consider piezo screamers. They're much smaller and use a fraction of the power.
I set mine for away mode only -- don't want to blast the family!
Glad to hear that you're planning to keep them out of direct sight :) they are hideous in terms of aesthetics IMO.

Just curious, have you heard a siren and the SP12F speakers going off at the same time?
The reason I ask, is that I had this at my last place and it was a mess... the speakers are trying to provide the intruders with audible messages that the alarm is monitored, police have been notified, etc, but while the sirens are going off you can't really hear any of that. Just checking. It may be worth it to do some trial runs before you put in all the work to get everything full in place and installed to find out it doesn't do what you want...
drvnbysound: I though of that but I was going to inquire if anyone had written a rule that would shut off the siren momentarily to hear the message, then resume. I will have SP12F's at the keypads.