Installing windows media center


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I am in the process of building a media server, and I cannot get media center to install. When I tried it the first time, only xp pro installed. Any ideas??

It is a ASUS A8n SLI MB, a AMD 4200 dual core processer.


You probably already know this, but I wanted to make sure, you realize that MCE is XP Pro, right? What version are you installing? OEM, MSDN? Does it prompt you for a second disk during install?
Electron is correct, it is actually XP Pro SP2 with Media Center extensions. The big difference is the big green button....

If you go to Control Panel | System and look on the General tab it should say Windows XP Media Center Edition. What does it say there?
When I installed XP Media Center, it does ask me for the second disk, but it cannot find a specific file it is looking for. When I hit the cancel button, the rest of the program loads.

I am going to try to load it again, I installed a new HD and I am going to start from scratch. I will let you know exactly what the errors say

Thanks for the help

I believe it will also let you browse to the directory/drive where the 2nd CD is. If that's the case, just select the disc again in the explorer interface, and point it to one of the directories on that disc until it accepts it (sounds like it might be looking in the wrong path). If you hit cancel, you would indeed only get XP Pro without the MCE extension.

The installation is looking for


it says that it is on disk 2

I cannot seam to find it

any ideas

I've come across this a couple times before but forgot exactly how I got around it. Have you tried putting disk 1 back in when it asks for disk 2? I think it is looking for files from XP Pro Disk 2 which is actually on MCE Disk 1 ;)
Well another sucessfull install of XP Pro and not XP media center!!! ;)

Anyone have any other ideas???


Sequence goes XP disk 1 to XP Disk 2 back to XP Disk 1 when it asks for Disk 2.
The license key you give it is what installs either XPPro, MCE 2005 or XPTablet.
a new development in the saga of Windows Media Center--

I checked the start menu and the Green Button is now there!!!

Joy joy

now to learn how media center works

Thanks for the help

Make sure your video card is compatible with MCE.

Also, remember that you need a DVD decoder if you want to play those files. I went with the nVidia one, and E pointed out that if you are attaching this to a reciever, it can do the decoding so buy the cheap version.