Insteon 2012 Hub Not Found By Android App


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Currently, I am using a custom component that controls OpenHAB which directly controls my Insteon 2012 Hub.
My Insteon Hub is in my same Wi-Fi network as my smartphone. My server ( assigns from my isc-dhcp-server (DHCP Server) to my Insteon Hub. My main Ubiquiti router is My Android smartphone's IP address is (DHCP), so no matter how many times my Android app tells me it can't find a Hub.
How am I going to solve this? Is it because the Android app no longer supports the 2012 version of the Hub? I followed the troubleshooting steps below to no avail:
The reason why I'm going with this is because Home Assistant now supports local control of Insteon devices:
Should I have purchased the 2014 version if not for the 2012's built-in PLM? My huge motivation for going with the 2012 version is local control without going over the Internet connection and that data can stay at home and not in the cloud (I'm not a huge fan of Internet of Things for companies that are inflexible on how my data can be in the cloud or at home, but I'm more of an "Intranet of Things" kind where I can host my data in my server running Home Assistant). A couple of months ago, my mom's DSL Internet service with Fairpoint became spotty until my mom called to fix the problem with loose connection outside our house. The Internet connection has gotten so much better by then.