Insteon 2412S PLM Firmware?


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I have seen other posting that they had Insteon 2412S PLMs with firmware 4A maybe even higher. Anyone know what the latest is?
I just got two brand new ones directly from Smarthome and they where VERY OLD. 2.4s.
Like lets not update our stock just ship the old stuff as is. ;)
it happened to me too - my new (sic) plm was included with the isy-26 - it was firmware 2.4 - fortunately, the guys at universal devices (makes the isy-26) shipped me a new one overnight (and paid the return shipping for the backleveled one smarthome shipped me) - it is the 4a

did smarthome change to a new ceo a couple of years ago? they seem to have lost their product developement nerds because NOTHING new comes from them (being smartlabs too i guess) - almost like a nerd was the ceo but now they have a mba that has 'cut costs' by axing the developers and boosting the marketing staff to sell devices that are overhyped and underperforming - seems like a company that has decided to 'go public' and now the stock price is the focus

just a guess
but if you need laser etchin - they are your people

i am waiting for a laser etched corn plaster to cover those leds on the wallwarts - plasterlinc as it were
They are starting to look like the "X10 Company". I get emails every day from them with sales. WHen you go to look at there sales, you can't find them.
I got a message about the firmware and 2.4 was for Simplehomenet stuff. My order most likely got pulled from the area where that version PLM was stocked.
I am going to call them today and see what they can do for me.
So I may have over reacted and will hold my thoughts depending on how we can reslove this.