Insteon and HAI?

Considering that they manufacture and/or sell UPB stuff under their own name, and that they would have very little control over SmartHome, it sure wouldn't surprise me if they have no intentions of supporting Insteon.
Yep! What Wayne said!

A backdoor approach would be to use the Homeseer interface which supports HAI and Insteon.
I'm not so sure about that. In order for them to stay competitive with the likes of the M1 they almost need to. I wouldn't be surprised though if it were not marketed heavily. Market UPB but support Insteon. Just my SWAG.
Maybe once Insteon becomes mature. Right now I cannot imagine a pro installer brave enough to sell & configure Insteon. Right now HAI is not losing anything by not supporting Insteon, other than in the DIY market. Elk has an early lead with Insteon support, but I bet that was added more due to DIY requests than pro requests. And I give Elk credit for trying, but due to issues outside of their control, the Elk support is not elegant or friendly yet.