Insteon and W800 type functionality


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I was originally thinking to wait for the Insteon equivalent of the w800 before doing RF based items or keychains, when I wondered where this would go.

Insteon is RF based (partly) to begin with, so would something like the W800 be needed?

Then again, there are many rf devices and keychain remotes, etc, so does it make sense to got the W800 route and tie it in using a controller/pc to the insteon control side? (recieve the commands from the W800 and kick off insteon commands based on that).

Anyone given this any thought and have a recommendation?
I am using the W800 with my Elk M1 system, so technically this allows you to trigger UPB, Z-wave, (Insteon soon) devices, using remotes or even the DS10A door/window sensor. X10 RF remotes/sensors are so cheap, so I will be using it for along time, even if I do upgrade to INSTEON in future.
One of the big problems with RF under X-10 was all the extra powerline traffic generated by converting every RF signal to X-10. Replacing individual receivers with a W800 solves this problem by letting the controller logic decide if RF triggers should generate powerline responses or not. Once you separate the RF system from the powereline system there is no reason for the two to share the same protocol so using X-10 RF devices and INSTEON powerline devices through a PC controller makes a lot of sense. (especially since X-10 RF devices are cheap and INSTEON ones are non-existent).

Should have said PC controller or hardware controller that supports the W800.
Yes, but do you think they will be coming out with Insteon equivalents to the keychain type remotes and the like? The one benefit if they do (and granted on the low cost currently on the existing devices) is you never have to worry about someone automating your house for you... (a neighbor using similar codes).

I know you can block whole ranges of codes and use obscure house codes.

I was wondering what the range of insteon is to begin with (could it be equivalent to the W800 using a few signallincs) and is it a logical progression to release some handheld remotes.

I'm not using any currently so I'm just trying to plan. I rushed into switchlincs earlier, so since I am pretty sure I am going to go with Insteon, I want to avoid other directions that will make sense to change in the near future.

I also have an elk, and was assuming I would use that or the elk linked with homeseer or equivalent.
I am in the same boat as far as starting down one path and then changing directions. (Look for a whole bunch of X-10 stuff for sale by me in the near future... including some switchlink V1 stuff that is still new in the box!) Problem is I am so impressed by the designer look and feel of the Insteon switches that I am going to transition to them faster than I can justify or afford. (Note the current sale at Smarthome gives you $100 off on a $400 order. This means you can buy 10 INSTEON switches and a color change kit for about $304 or about $30 per switch!)

To answer your specific question: I don't think you will see an INSTEON W800 for awhile and the investment in the X-10 version is low enough that the "going down the wrong road" issue is pretty minor. I would go ahead and get the X-10 version and start enjoying it now. Watch for sales at on RF transmitters and your investment will never get so large that you feel bad about chucking it for a pure INSTEON solution down the road.
Good point, and I think I'm going to use that sale to jump start the insteon setup.

And on the cost, it is a small investment. I think to start I only need a W800 and a few keychain transmitters (plus possibly the links to the elk/homeseer which I need regardless, unless I use x10 in the meantime).
That's great! I was wondering about that but wasn't sure if he could do that. I assume anyone can use that?
Umm, the offer is good until midnight, so you are smarter than you give yourself credit for!