INSTEON ApplianceLinc Woes, Any relief in site?


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Hi all,
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I decided to include a copy here in order to share information.


I lost another V2 #2456S3 Appliancelinc today (V1.0 rev1.1). It was controlling a (120V, 1.0 Amp) portable fan and the V2 just quit working. My attempts to turn it on with software got back a 'NAK' so it is still smart enough to know it is broken. The button on the side made something go 'click' but the load stayed on, I could no longer switch it off.

This is fifth one of these I have lost on various loads over the past five months. I understand that Smarthome is working on a fix for this particular problem. Any estimate on when a 'working' Appliancelinc will be available?

I just ordered two ICON Appliancelincs as replacements for some of my blown modules. I have perfectly good X10 appliance modules that I am trying 'real hard' to not need any more.

I am actually an avid Insteon supporter. I write software and think the Insteon communication protocol is excellent.

People are starting to ask me for advice on these things now. I have tell them not to buy (V2) Appliancelinc modules. This sort of shoots holes in my 'Insteon is Great' talk though.

Over to you at Smarthome....



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I started making my own by putting an Icon relay switch into a metal Handy box and adding some pigtails by cutting up an extension cord. Not pretty but no problems like I had with the ApplianceLinc V2s.

I think the fix for the ApplianceLincs is scheduled for release on the same day as the ControLinc Wall Mount brackets.

A question that I had on that, maybe you could help with.

How do you wire that up (what color to what) to make it work?
I may have missed the initial posting.

I have two of the wall type relay modules that I have not used. My faith in them is tarnished because of the crappy Appliancelinc performance.

I have heard, as you just said that they indeed work with most loads.

I'm guessing 'line' (black) and 'neutral' (white) go to the power source. For the load do you just wire the 'load' (red) and the 'neutral?

Release date of the Controlinc wall brackets? Was that in the post that was removed because Smarthome figured that normal consumers (like us) were not entitled to that type of info?



I wire it this way:

I cut a 3 prong extension cord in half and secure it to the box with a romex clamp.

I connect the ground wire from both halves of the cord to the bare wire on the switch.

I connect the neutral wire from both halves of the cord to the white wire on the switch. The neutral is the wider of the two plug blades/slots on the cord. Use a meter if you have to to make sure you do not mix up the neutral and hot wires.

I connect the hot wire (narrow blade) from the extension cord plug to the black wire on the switch.

I connect the hot wire (narrow slot) from the extension cord socket to the red wire on the switch.