Insteon - Best of X10 & Zwave?


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I'm not sure is this was posted on the board "BC" (before crash) but Smarthome has announced Insteon.

A combination 900 Mhz RF and X10 compatibile network of devices for home automation.

another article from Electronic Design

The one thing I'm not sure about, they say X10 compatible, but list the powerline freguency as 131.65 khz and I thought X10 was 122 Hz.

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You have to wonder by "compatible" if they mean that they can actually interoperate, or just that they can co-exist with X10 without interfering with each other.


Should I continue to purchase X-10 based products or wait for INSTEON?
One of the significant advantages of the new INSTEON technology is it's backwards compatibility with existing X-10 products. As an example, an INSTEON switch can turn on an X-10 lamp module and an X-10 switch can turn on an INSTEON lamp module. Homeowners can continue to purchase X-10 devices today and then migrate over time to INSTEON.
Here is another quote from insteon which came from their Official PR...

"To begin using Insteon, users will simply need to plug-in two RF access points in their home. and two filters to prevent interference with PC power strips or certain brands of televisions. "

Doesnt sounds like they have been having issues with interference already. I think im gonna let everyone else deside on this one. Ill stick to z-wave and hopefully zigbee for now.
Well, we'll wait to see what it really looks like. Keep in mind that the first devices probably won't be available for 6-8 months.
Z-wave, Insteon, Zigbee, Compose, UPB, X10. Lots of new equipment and standards. I think I'm going to hide in a hole for the next year, and not come back up until things have shaken out. :D