Insteon Dimmer as Variable Speed Fan Control


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Smarthome's description of the Insteon Switchlinc Dimmer V2 includes the following:

Low Voltage/Ceiling Fan Control
SwitchLinc Dimmer can control low voltage halogen (e.g. track) or other low voltage lights. (Note: works with most magnetic and dimmable electronic transformers.) Also, SwitchLinc Dimmer can control your ceiling fan. (Note: some motors may produce a subtle humming sound.)

My "real world" question is, does it work as a Fan Control, or does it buzz/hum?

I would love to test these as variable speed controls on my fans, but only if there is a chance it might work without humming....
I'm using Insteon dimmers with both ceiling fans and Low voltage halogens. My fans hum at certain dimming levels -- my halogens all work great.
Paul, Welcome to CocoonTech!

Eufreka, I think that dimming a ceiling fan is a very YMMV kind of thing, all depending upon the fan brand, fan model, dimmer used, speed desired and your sense of hearing.

The only caveat with using a dimmer for fan control is not to dim down the fan too far for an extended period of time as this will cause the motor to burn out.

I have seen dimmers control ceiling fans at varying speeds for different scenes (e.g. slow - medium - high). Depending on the brand of the fan and how much you dim it you may find a slight hum.