Insteon & Elk


I've got Insteon lighting integrated to the Elk M1G. I've got something like 65 lights. As you know.. the integration sucks, particularly for a large number of devices. I used Powerhome to configure all my insteon links, and to dump the information into the Elk. The Elk can control my lights very reliably. However, the Elk doesn't keep accurate status of the lights. I can connect Powerhome to the same cable that I typically connect the Elk to, and Powerhome gets the right status. I think that means that the PLC is linked correctly and that the Elk should be getting status. Can anyone tell give me some ideas on how I can get the Elk to accurately represent the state of my Insteon lights?

I'm happy to provide whatever information I can.

This is a pretty big problem for me. Right now, i have to use outputs to flag the state of my lights, and that is quite restrictive. It also means that the voice interface, and other things through the elk report status incorrectly.

Thanks in advance!