INSTEON enabled products

Many of the home control protocols (Zensys, Z-wave, Zigbee) have spent alot of time and money creating marketing "buzz". The problem is that the list is small of any major manufacturer releasing any products other than some lighting controls.

Broan, a huge ventilation manufacturer has released an INSTEON enabled ventilation system. It is designed to meet building codes that call for X amount of ventilation depending on the size of the home and how many people are living there. The system monitors normal/manual operation of bathroom fans and then automatically operates them if necessary to meet the ventilation requirements. This system takes credit for manual operation and applies it to the continuous ventilation requirement that the codes call for. The system is designed to ventilate the home what is necessary, but not over-ventilate.

See it on Broan's homepage:
Yes, I think it's a good idea, especially the feature that calculates when to turn on and off so your home gets a "fresh" change of air!
My brother is an HVAC contractor in NY. He met the developer of this fan system at a HVAC show in Baltimore. Apparently he is a home control advocate/geek from way back. He joked about that they finally gave him the keys to "dive deep" into home control for HVAC systems and other applications. I know that Broan/Nutone is into fans,range hoods, intercoms, distributed audio,central vacs, doorbells and a bunch more.

They are part of their larger company of NORTEK that includes Linear, SpeakerCraft, Elan, Xantech and Nordyne furnaces. Maybe we will see a slew of "home system" products come out of there.

He said that Broan is going to be at the SmartLabs booth at CES again this year.