Insteon Icon Relay with Green LED


I was hoping to buy 7 more relays with green LEDs, but Smarthome has them backordered and AutomatedOutlet no longer shows them on their site. Most of the house is using green and my wife prefers it to the amber. Any idea how I might find some (or am I SOL)?

Call Martin at Automated Outlet. Sorry, don't have number handy but will show it. I think he had a few left, but I'm not certain. I've always found his service to be exceptional, and I pay more to buy from him if necessary rather than going directly to SH (although he's great about matching prices). The service and advice are worth it.

And I agree, I like the green much better as well, and am ticked that SH doesn't still supply them. It's especially aggravating for those of us that bought in early, but they dont' seem terribly concerned about that.
I got a response back from Smarthome stating that they expect a new shipment in a week or so. At least it was not "sorry, we no longer manufacture green Icons"...

Keeping my fingers crossed...