insteon in-line??

In what circumstances would it be advisable to use the insteon dimmer/relay IN-LINE modules?? Building a new house and trying to get some ideas.


Pretty much any time you don't have a switch, or in the case of new construction - don't want a visible switch. There is another recent thread about UPB inlines but its the same concept.
Just remember that a house (and its wiring) will be around a lot longer than the current offerings in home automation technology. You should probably be careful when making permanent wiring choices that depend on a technology that will be replaced with something else in a few years.

I would wire the house in a way that will work with plain old dumb switches if the automation strategy doesn't pan out. For INLINE modules you could add a box in the attic or wherever to hold them and use transmitter keypads in place of the switches in the room (as suggested). If you go back to regular switches the INLINE module can be bypassed easily enough but how will you install 4 or more normal switches in the single gang box that originally held you transmitter switch?

Definitely think about how many eggs you are putting into one Insteon basket before you finalize your wiring plans.
New construction may require this anyway. Each Insteon device needs a Neutral in the electrical box. My old home has many switch boxes with no neutral and Insteon devices will not work in those places.
Maybe in the future the 2 wire dimming only Insteon Switches may appear as will the elusive RF Remotes. :)