Insteon InlineLinc V2 2475D & 2475S


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I can't find the Insteon InlineLinc V2's anywhere on I need to put in an order today that will include 3 of these. Martin, can you give me a link to these 2 items?

An in case others have not noticed, AO currently has some amazing prices on Insteon products--much lower than I have seen before:

Switchlincs & Togglelincs for only $33.99!
I think the reason the prices are so good is because Martin and SmartHome are parting ways and he is liquidating his stock. Since InlineLincs came about after this development I don't think he will be carrying them.
Martin, say it's not true! Will Keypadlincs and Switchlincs from AO have the latest firmware with the bug fixes?? If not, can we RMA them directly with Smarthome?
Jeff, Mike is right. We don't have the inline modules in stock and don't expect to get them in.

Smarthome is constantly changing the firmware of the Insteon products. The Keypadlincs we have in stock are probably about 2 months old I think.
Martin, I see you now carry the InlineLincs. Has the situation between AO and Smarthome changed? Specifically, I have 2 Keypadlincs from AO that I need to RMA, but want to make sure you have the newest batch that have the following issues I am experiencing resolved:

1. buttons flash with powerline activity
2. lights (load) flashes with powerline activity
3. non-toggle buttons do not retain their on/off state
4. in 8 button configuration, buttons are loose and fall off

#4 was just very recently confirmed as fixed.

Can I RMA through Smarthome or do I need to RMA through AO?