Insteon Keypadlinc control load w/ secondary?


I have a KPL and would like to have the secondary buttons change the main load to different pre-assigned dim levels. I am using PowerHome software and have created links between the secondary buttons and button #1, but nothing happens when I activate the local button.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?


Not possible. Discussed various places with the same conclusion every time: not possible to have the local buttons control the local load; only the local load button can do it.

The "logic" I heard involved potential circular commands... but who cares? Bottom line is "no dice". B)
I was afraid of that...

I researched several spots and held out hope that it could be done. Did not find any that you allude to, but I am not surprised.

Will it allow linking to the local load if you first do this procedure to set up the secondary buttons?

INSTEON KeypadLinc V2 Dimmer User’s Guide

Grouping Buttons

Buttons can be grouped in an interdependent, exclusive-OR fashion, where pressing one button in a group triggers an ON command for the devices/scene assigned to that button. Grouping is helpful when you have multiple devices or scenes, and you’d like to be able to easily cycle through these devices/scenes with an LED indicator of which device/scene is active.
Programming groups is much more involved than most Insteon device programming. Following are steps for creating a two button group. When creating groups with more than two buttons, we recommended you use the soon to be released Smarthome Manager V2 software program, or contact Smarthome Technical Support for assistance.

NOTE: Programming a two button group from the KeypadLinc keypad requires temporary use of an unused secondary button (in addition to the two buttons being added to the group). Once the group is created, you may reprogram this third button to whichever function or device you desire.

1. For clarity’s sake, the following instructions will refer to the two buttons to be added to a group as button A and button B. The third button that will be used only during the group creation will be referred to as button C.

2. Set the two buttons you’d like to be grouped, buttons A and B, into non-toggle mode, following the instructions in the previous section titled “Toggle Modeâ€.

3. Press and hold the temporary third button, button C, for 10 seconds. Then successively press buttons A and B for 5 seconds each. This links buttons A and B to button C.

4. Press the C button to exit group link.

5. Press the C button again to turn off buttons A and B using the just-created link.

6. Successively press button A, then button B, for 5 seconds each. This links buttons A and B.

7. Again, successively press button A, then button B, for 5 seconds each. This groups buttons A and B.

8. Successively press button B, then button A, for 5 seconds each. This double links buttons A and B.

9. Again, successively press button B, then button A, for 5 seconds each. This double groups buttons A and B.

10. Set buttons A and B back into toggle mode, using the instructions in the previous section titled “Toggle Modeâ€.

11. Button C is no longer needed for group programming- it can now be programmed/configured for other uses.
I have a secondary keypadlinc button set up as a non-toggle OFF with the load button of the same keypadlinc included. It turns off right along with the rest of the linked devices. I realize this is not a dim command, but if this works, why wouldn't a dim (I haven't tried). I did the linking manually, by just linking the secondary button to the load button in the usual fashion.

Jim H.
When you want powerhome to set up local load control from a secondary button on a KPL you need to use both the Group linking "Create/Edit/Clone" screen and the keypadlinc config screen (from Devices - Insteon - Units screen right click on a KPL and choose Keypadlinc config ). I don't know if this will let you set up different brightnesses or ramp rates from different secondary buttons but it does let you at least turn on/off the local load from the secondary buttons.
Paul is correct in that when having secondary buttons on a KPL control the local load that you must create both a link and use the KPL config utility. The KPL config utility does the equivalent of the "exclusive OR" and button grouping manual operations that Mike mentions.

However, the bad news is that after doing this, the secondary buttons will indeed control the load but will not allow for various dim levels. I questioned SmartHome on this and it seems that they can only do so much with the limited amount of memory on the KPL. It would be nice if this could be fixed in a future firmware rev of the KPL because I know alot of people have asked about this.

Sorry for the bad news.