Insteon KeypadLinc - Elk Small Button Linking


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Has anyone been able to set up their Elk such that it will sense one of the smaller button presses on an Insteon KeyPadLinc?

Here is what I am trying to do....I have one small button linked to ALL my Insteon lights in the house. I call this my "panic button". I want to have the Elk sense this button press and sound an alarm.

I have the "panic button" linked to all my lights succefully. But, whenever I try to then link this small button to the Elk, the Elk links to the light that is the local load on this KeyPadLinc. Ideas?

I DISLIKE the Insteon/Elk interface; much improvement is needed (I guess I am just not smart enough!).
Hmm, I'm not sure you can do that. It is a neat idea though. My understanding for what you are trying to do would have been to create a group and send that signal (not sure how that is done on the elk as I have not looked into it).

I don't think you are supposed to link to a button and then link the button to a controller, which is why you keep linking to the main load.

At least this is how I understand it. I also understand why you just wouldnt send all the signals separately from the elk (delays of a minute per light dont really help your 'panic' button).
As a workaround as I don't think what you are asking is supported in the Smarthome app yet, Can you link another Insteon switch to the keypadlink button and then use the secondary switch hardware ID to toggle the ELK? Yeah, it's a pain, but it might work.