Insteon KeyPadLinc link to itself?


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I broke down and bought a copy of PowerHome and the linking functions are working great. However, there is one thing I can't seem to figure out, either through PowerHome or via manual linking.

How can I get a secondary button on a PowerLinc to control the load on the same KeypadLinc as part of a scene.

I've got a KeyPadLinc that is controlling Light A. The On/Off buttons (6 button KPL) turn the light on to 100% and back off. Button A is linked to set several other lights to dimmed levels as nightlights. This all works great. But I want Button A to also dim the light controlled by the On/Load button on the KeypadLinc and I can't seem to get this to work.

Is this just not supported or am I missing something?
Are you doing this from Create/Edit/Clone and picking your keypad as the Group Master and setting the Group Number to 3 (button A)? Then you just pick the same keypad to be the responder that you add to the group. Set the button number to 1 and enter the dim level you want. Button A should now dim the keypad to that level.

What result are you getting when you set it up?
I've done exactly as you said. Powerhome sets up the links and they look right. But when I press button A, all of the devices respond correctly except for the local load.

I've attached a screenshot from powerhome of how I have it set up now.

The device in question is the "Garage Hall Keypad". As you can see, button 3 has a link to button 1 as a responder with dim level of 80. But when I hit Button A (3), the light does not change at all.


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Just curious, how new is this keypad? I have a new keypad that is acting strange for me. (I can link controLinc buttons to the keypad buttons and they stay in sync EXCEPT when I use ALL ON or ALL OFF from the ControLinc). I wonder if SmartHome has made some undocumented changes in the KeypadLinc firmware recently?
I too have run into this same issue in the past. Being a bit more comfortable now w/ PowerHome (PH), I am going to re-visit this issue to see if it can be made to work.

Do you have a keypadlinc that is set up to work as Randy has described? If so, I would love to see your PH link table.
I just installed a second KeypadLinc last night and it has the same issue. It can control the load on the 1st KPL, but not its own, and vice versa. I would also be interested in seeing the link setup from anyone who's got this working.
It may be a PowerHome issue. I say this because I linked a secondary KPL button to its load with no problem - performing the linking MANUALLY. I do not currently use PowerHome. Maybe PH is writing the link wrong?

Jim H.

I believe this a a problem with the firmware in the KeypadLinc. I have tried to do just as you do and have been unsuccessful in getting the KPL secondary buttons to control the main load at any other dim setting than full bright.

No problem actually linking the secondary button to control the load...that works no problem. But unsuccessful at getting a secondary button to turn the main load on at 50% or other.

If anyone has been successful in getting this to work either using PowerHome, other software, or manual linking, please let me know so I can investigate and make the appropriate changes so that PowerHome will be able to do it.