Insteon Lights Turning Off


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Trying to understand why Insteon lights turn themselves off after turning them on manually when Elk M1XSP Serial interface is connected to the Insteon 2414S Powerlinc?

I've been using Insteon & Elk for some time in my own home, but have recently been working with PowerHome to create links & groups native in the Insteon switches and KeypadLincs. All the Insteon groups are working as expected until I plug the 2414S back into the M1XSP.

Once these are connected, lights can be controlled fine using the Elk but often when I manually turn on a light at the switch it will fade up and then immedietly fade back off. Usually if I turn the light on manually 3 times, it will finally stay on. Same with scenes initiated from a Keypadlinc button... all the expected lights will ramp up to the desired levels, and then return to off or the lowest LED?

Originally used "elkinsteon.exe" from Powerhome to populate the Insteon devices in the M1XSP and everything works fine until I create additional links between switches. The problem seems to be worse on switches/buttons that have many links (switches that just have a few simple links seem to usually work).

It's got to be the 2414S & M1XSP/M1 that aren't playing well together. As soon as I unplug the 2414S from the serial expander (or unplug the 2414S from the wall) all the links/groups/scenes programmed into the switches work perfectly.

I remember someonw else reporting similar problems on one of the message boards a few weeks ago, but he didn't receive any advice and now I can't find the post to see if there's been any follow-up.

Any advice greatly appreciated...

I am still trying to get mine to turn on again........

I might spend some time on this project over the weekend and will try and play with it if I get them to turn on first.
Paul, I have seen that issue a couple of times, but it was never repeatable, so I always assumed it was me that bumped the off paddle by accident. I never suspected the Elk. I will keep my eyes open. I don't recall seeing this subject previously posted anyplace.
I have have amost the same exact condition in my home. I also unplugged the M1XSP from the 2414S and it stopped happening; plug it back in and it starts again. My switches weren't doing it every time they were activated locally but enough that it was really annoying. It takes about 2 seconds for it to happen so I am always a few paces into the room before it happens.

I am running beta firmware (50.0.23) that fixed the problem where the devices were lost from the M1XSP if powered down so I thought it might be due to that. Now that I'm sure it's the ELK, I'll let tech support know.
Hi Opie & Wayne,

Sounds like we've got the same issue?

I only notice this problem occasionally on switches with only a few links. I've got a few switches setup as virtual 3-ways but not really any other links and I'll only see the problem occasionally (maybe once every week or so).

After setting up tons of groups and links which are mostly triggered from keypadlink buttons I see the problem 9 out of 10 times. As soon as I unplug the 2414S from the M1XSP all the insteon groups & links work without fail.

I'm running firmware 50.0.22 on the M1XSP, so this may indicate that it's not an issue with the beta version your running? I've got HomeSeer in the mix too, but have simply shut it down during my testing to remove it from the equation. Have thought about backing up my ElkRP config and then wiping out ALL my rules just to dumb things down, but I don't think this will help?


Any chance you spoke with Elk about this last week?

I didn't have time until today to look into this further. I dumbed down some of the links which seems to help a little, but the problem still exists and is easy to replicate.


No. I have been really busy too and haven't has a chance but plan to fire off an e-mail tonight to get into the que for tomorrow.

I'll post what I find out.


Thanks Scott,

I posted on the Elk dealer Forum last night and linked this post but haven't received any feedback yet.

I'm expecting to be around the office tomorrow and will be happy to assist with troubleshooting. If you get started with Elk support, feel free to involve me if it seems appropriate.


Looks like we've stumbled onto something. I also have this problem. I have the non-loaded switch from a three-way pair controlling two sets of lights. From the keypad or elk, it works perfectly every time. Locally, from the switch, I have one of the two sets of lights that it is controlling ramping up and then immediately ramping back down about 1/3 to 1/2 of the time. I hadn't thought of unplugging the PLC, but when I get home tonight I'll give it a try.

If anyone cracks the code on this one, I (and my wife) would be most appreciative!

Btw, I posted this earlier here, but didn't get much response. I'll have to remember to start checking this forum too.

(This topic is being followed two threads here, as well as the M1Dealer site)

I just ran a test. With the 2414S PLC disconnected from the M1XSP, but still plugged into the wall, I cycled the light switch 50 times with 100% success. With the PLC connected to the M1XSP, I had 9 failures out of 20. The problem is somehow associated with the Elk.
This evening I pressed a non-load button on a keypadlinc to activate a number of lights (dimmed & relay). One of the dimmable lights ramped up and then right back down. so it can happen via remote activation, not just local control.
WayneW said:
This evening I pressed a non-load button on a keypadlinc to activate a number of lights (dimmed & relay). One of the dimmable lights ramped up and then right back down. so it can happen via remote activation, not just local control.
Good to know.

I have been on the phone today with ELK Tech Support and they are looking into it. I also sent them the URL of this thread so they can follow it. Hopefully we'll see something to address this.

Yes, I see this from non-load buttons on Keypadlincs too. These are actually my worst offenders. I have some heavily linked buttons that will fail almost everytime with one or more lights that participate in the scene ramping to the correct level and then ramping right back down.

Sounds like Skips test continues to point a finger at trouble between the M1XSP & 2414S???

I'm suprised that more people haven't bumped into this... maybe most with the Elk integrated aren't programming scenes directly into the switches which is what seems to create the problem? I didn't do this until recently...

Just wondering if there has been any movement on this. I was also wondering if there is any possible connection with powerhome usage. I have used it to set up some links in my house.
ELK is still actively trying to duplicate these symptoms and they have been asking me for more information every day and are monitoring this thread (I think).

MrGibbage Nov 9 2006 said:
I was also wondering if there is any possible connection with powerhome usage.

I have wondered the same and did mention this to the ELK engineer. It seems we all have used PowerHome for some part or another. I did not use the PowewrHome=>ELK utility to get my devices into the M1XSP so we can eliminate that part of it. I primarily used PowerHome to set up groups in the PowerLinc for ALL Lights Out type commands.

Do you have an M1XEP or ELK-RM to view the lighting status page? If so, do the sliders that represent the dim level of the light follow the same pattern that you are experiencing?

ELK asked this of me. I haven't noticed this, has anyone else?