Insteon or Z Wave


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I am torn on which one to use.

I would love to be able to controll my irrigation timers, lights from my computer, but would also like to be able to be able to use the same remote as my AV system, which I haven't bought to turn lights down etc.

So which way would you go?

What remote do you have for your AV system?
There are various methods for IR control for various lighting protocols.

I configured a Pronto Universal remote to operate various items: light scenes,(local and whole house) Gate open/close. This was with a UPB system. There is an IR to UPB unit available.
Here is the spec. sheet from Powerline Control Systems

Each unit can control up to 6 links, 4 with bright and dim control.

There is a sprinkler controller available for UPB Here
I would agree with Event5, if you can run the extra wire needed for UPB, if not I did the same thing with X10 and a pronto. I would look into insteon and z-wave a little further to see if it is right for you. Insteon not so insteon and z-wave is a lttle proprietary for home theatre. JMO.


As far as being 'torn on which one to use', I still am, but I am leaning....

I now use Z-Wave for my limited needs (about 20 light and appliance switches).

I have a INSTEON box in the garage filled with hundreds of dollars worth of equipment that I will never use again, different story, but I have paid for my opinion, so here goes...

BEWARE THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION (** Yours MAY Vary **) :blink:

I LIKE the INSTEON protocol.

After using Z-Wave for seven months, I cannot image anyway that a INSTEON remote would be able match the wireless performance (range) without buying some extra clunky looking, plug-in-the-wall RF SignalThings. With Z-Wave the RF is native, everything communicates that way. With INSTEON, you will need a 'RF to Power Line' to make things work.