Insteon PLC Error 012?


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PLC:srq:ERROR=012:MapNotLoaded-PLC not connected or no valid map. Try using isResponding first.
PLC:srq:SRIR=send failed
ui:srq:srir=00 00 00 04 42 43 0F 19 00
si:00 01 2C 04 42 43 0F 19 00

I figured Id post here first before I contact Smarthome incase there is a known problem, and I know a few of Smarthome prople visit here.

I am receiving this error in the SDM version

I am running power-home software. on a windows 2000 SERVER machine.

Any help would be great.

I am using KenM's InHomeFree and when I updated to -202 things got strange. Like listing timers gave no timers found and I know they are there. I went back to -191 and all got better. Also in the Insteon SDK there are problems being reported with -202. Did you update to -202 or was it required for power-home for the software?
attempting to overcome the unstability of the 191 I updated to 202... hmmm... even stranger now, maybe I will try going back to 191