Insteon RemoteLinc


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In an interview with Joe Dada at EHExpo in Orlando, FL on March 31st, it was revealed that one of the next Insteon products will possibly be the Insteon RemoteLinc. This is expected to be the first battery powered RF Insteon device. It will have 6 buttons for devices, plus some buttons for all on/off & bright/dim. It will be significantly smaller than the existing AC powered ControLinc. Availability is expected to be Q3 2006.

I also witnessed an Insteon thermostat demonstration, but availability was undetermined (not real soon). It was demonstrated using an 8 button keypadlinc. 4 buttons were used to select off/heat/cool/auto and 4 buttons were used to select setpoint combinations. It will be a standard thermostat with an Insteon RF add-on, so no extra wiring should be needed.

SimpleHomeNet was showing samples of their Insteon enabled products, including an Irrigation controller, an HVAC controller, a pool controller and a temperature sensor.

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