Insteon-savvy universal remote control


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What is considered to be the most Insteon-savvy universal remote control? I am thining about Harmony 890 because it has RF capabilities. Any other universal remotes that can control Insteon devices?
thanks. So I cannot use Harmony 880 with Insteon.

The question is what universal controls can work with Insteon Dimers / Switchers?
Noting yet... unless you use X10 compatibility mode. You could also use software like HS to translate from X10 wireless, IR, etc. to INSTEON.
None as of yet from Smarthome or anyone else yet. Is scheduled to have RF devices according to Smarthome. Sometime this year.
I have my Insteon modules and switches set with an X10 Primary and Scene Address. Use a RR501 and a few older X10 Remotes like a HR12A palmpad to control them for now.
The beta translator was dropped by Smarthome and thay did indicate a translation from X10 to Insteon was going to be in the software scheduled for Q2 2006. Needs a 24/7 computer from what I read.