Insteon signal Loss Question


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I have had a problem with Insteon loss problems and plugstrips... As I can beleive others have also. I was wondering what everyone else does about it. With the HA PC and RF receiver and other gear needing to be plugged in how do you get enough outlets? Or is there a recommended Insteon "friendly" strip I should look for?
Two suggestions:

Do not use strips with ANY surge protection in them. Use some other methods for surge protection such as "whole house" protection at the breaker panel and a PC UPS that is plugged in separate from the powerstrip used for Insteon.

Plug your RF SignaLinc a lttle distance away from the PC Interface. There is no reason for it to be right at the PC and could be contributing to your problems in that location. In general, avoid putting more Insteon stuff on the same power strip than is absolutely necessary.
Since the Insteon signal is 131.65 Khz and the X10 is 120 Khz. In most cases; anything that hurts an X10 installation will also an Insteon. I have a Smarthome 10 amp filter on my APC BX1000 UPS as it was killing both X10 and Insteon signals.