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Insteon slips to Q2


Senior Member
This is not a surprise and is so typical for the HS industry as well as most others. Don't be surprised to see it slip well into next year before it's all over.


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Not to be mean, but I think y'all got suckered by a bad headline.... ;)

According to this link of Jan 5th, they were already saying Q2 back then.

The two more specific months we have seen mentioned are April and June, which I believe are BOTH in Q2

So, me thinks this article is much ado about nothing....

Does anybody really see if differently than I do?


Staff member
You are right, Electronic News must get their info from an old source or something, I should have double checked that one.


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Well, you cannot cross check every article you post and this article WAS dated yesterday, so you would think the info is current and relevant...

It was simply a bad headline.