Insteon smoke detectors


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From SmartHome's press release:

In just seven months, Smarthome’s INSTEON Alliance has attracted more than 400 manufacturing and developer partners, and more than 40 INSTEON-enabled projects are in development with anticipated introduction in 2006. First Alert, for example, is incorporating INSTEON in its smoke detectors, and Somfy, a manufacturer of window coverings and theater screens, is using INSTEON to improve climate control and energy efficiency.
First Alert, Somfy and Smarthome will be showing the INSTEON home control network at this year’s CES. In addition new partners Broan, Elk, Perceptive Automation, Integration Associates and HAL (home automated living) will be demonstrating new applications of INSTEON-enabled home control products and solutions at the Smarthome booth and partner Pavilion (Booth number 26424).
I wonder how the smoke detectors would work.

I would like to see a smoke detector that is wired just like a traditional smoke detector using 22awg wire to interconnect them all and have it powered on a 120v circuit. Then simply add some sort of status reporting for checking if it is going off or if the backup battery is low. These would be great for both Insteon, Z-Wave and UPB.

I just would not want to rely one one of the above technologies to handle setting off all the smoke detectors when that first goes off. A hard wire solution is best for that in my opinion.

Although in older houses that don't have interconnected smoke detectors the oposite would be ideal.
I imagine the reason for using Insteon in a smoke is to automatically turn on lights to help awaken sleepers and to ease a nighttime escape from a burning building.