Insteon SocketLinc Power On state


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I recently got my two Insteon SocketLinc Dimmers 2454D and they have a condition I would think is bad.

Most Insteon devices revert to the state they are in after a power loss and restore.
Even their Full Users Manual indicates this is the case. Both of mine revert to full on even if in an off state when the power is restored. That means if I turn it off and over night I have a power glitch it goes Full ON.

I posted a message on their Fourm and was told that it was designed to do that, though their Customer Service Department didn't get that memo; as they though it was defective and issued an RA.

Mike indicated the Full Users Manual will be updated to reflect the fact that if you don't want it to go full on at power up. Set a real low <3% local dim level.
Don't think a High WAF is going to be on this one.