Insteon with 1 HP motor


Do you guys think that an Insteon On/Off module can handle a 1 HP motor reliably? I have heard that they are not so good at the highly inductive loads, so I am looking for any advice.

If you think it is too much, then are there any safe relay modules that you can recommend?

Also, I have an Elk M1 Gold, and would probably rather use that to switch this motor on and off. What would be a good Elk module to handle 1 HP?

Thanks a ton,

- jason
I would not trust an Insteon unit with that kind of load. The SmartHome specs don't say, so i would err on the side of caution. Relays to handle that big a load are usually called contactors, so that may help you search.

Here is one source for relays to handle 1 HP.

I use an Elk output to control a contactor that switches my pool pump on & off.
Yea I'd have to agree with the last reply that a 15a? Insteon Appliance Module would probably be pushed a bit by the 1hp motor. As I recall a HP is about 742 watts and at 120 volts, your talking about 6 amps running, but the inrush current at motor start will be quite a lot higher, plus the inductance will add to your problems. Use the Insteon relay to provide 120vac coil power the "contactor" of your choice:)
Both an ApplianceLinc V2 and a SwitchLinc Relay are marked 480 Watts Inductive.
An added contactor sounds like a good idea.
Hey those contactors look great. The Elk M1 has 12V outputs, and the only contactor listed there that can switch 1HP motor takes a 24V input. Any other suggestions?

- jason