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so not having the time to read through insteon specs, I thought i would ask here if the insteon module (transmitter/reciever) could be simply plugged in (multiple locations) near my weak x10 areas and the insteon rf would transmit to a distant area the x10 signal. (want to wait to see reliability and price drops of other technologies before i dive in completely)
If I understand your question correctly, no, I don't think Insteon will help an area with weak X-10 coverage. Right now, the only RF used by Insteon is between the two Signalinc devices to work as a phase coupler.
The Insteon modules only repeat Insteon signals, but they can be set with both x10 and Insteon addresses simultaneously.
The $99 starter kit makes it easy to get your feet wet. The controller can be set to send both an X10 and an Insteon signal with the same button press; the modules can be programmed to respond to X10 and Insteon signals at the same time.
check out smarthome's auction site and pick up a few switches with boosterlinc to boost the signal in weak areas. I picked up an ivory togglelinc with boosterlinc for $20.