Integrating 1 wire, X10, Perl and Wserver


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I have successfully blended Hobby Boards sensors, Wserver weather program, the X10 Active home pro CM15A USB X10 controller and Perl. Using the X10 AHP Software developers kit that is availble free, and writing Perl programs, I can control the X10 CM15A USB controller and all my X10 modules.

Arne's Wserver program writes a separate .txt data file to hard disk on every sensor that is detected on the 1-wire network.

These Tab formatted .txt data files can be parsed easily, I do it with Perl.

Once the data is parsed you can make decisions and do things in X10 using the X10 SDK.
For example:
The crawl space under my house has a Dehumidifier installed to remove excess moisture. Previously, I just let the Dehumidifier run on it's own and make decisions of when to turn on and off. This was ok but not optimum.

I just replace the 3 prong power receptacle that the Dehumidifier plugs into with a X10 appliance module.

I then installed a Hobby Boards Humidity/Temp sensor under my house.

Wserver reads the humidity sensor and then appends a new humidity reading to a data file for this sensor every 15 minutes.

I parse the last reading from this data file every 15 minutes.

My Perl script makes a decision to turn on or off an X10 appliance module.

So far, it is working great.
Now I can dream up new things to control using the Hobby Boards sensors on my one wire network.
Thanks, appreciate the info.
I downloaded MH a while back and had a look at the code.

It's so huge and bloated compared to what I need.

I would rather write my code from scratch and keep it clean and efficient.